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Pest and Chemical Management

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a strategy used to manage insect pests in the landscape by using economically and environmentally sustainable practices. When infestations are discovered early it is possible to monitor and treat the existing landscape to ensure viability. Chemicals are also used to eradicate pests to ensure a healthy landscape. The most common pest infestations include:

  • White fly in lawn area
  • Aphid infestations in rose bushes and trees
  • Cutworm and Grub control throughout lawn areas
  • Spider mites in fruit trees
  • Spittlebug in ground cover

Chemical Services Programs

A healthy landscape begins with enriched, balanced soil. By providing a regular schedule of fertilization, weed control and soil amendments, your landscape will look its best year round.

  • Seasonal fertilization. Fertilization every six to eight weeks to maintain strength and color in both lawn and shrubs.
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent. Two applications in early spring (ten weeks apart) on your lawn can prevent crabgrass from appearing throughout the year.
  • Post-emergents for broad leaf, clovers, nut sedge, dallis grass. All of those pesky weeds that infiltrate your lawn can be eradicated with the correct chemical applications throughout the year.
  • Merit injections. A Merit injection in January can prevent the sticky, sap-like substance from aphids. Treatment of rose bushes and trees will protect from aphids year round.
  • Preventative grub and fungi control. Most lawn diseases are caused by fungus or insects. Because the damage begins underground, at the root of the grass, it is often difficult to detect an invasion. A preventative application in susceptible areas can deter the problem.

Additional Services

In addition to yearly maintenance and full renovation projects, English Garden Care is available for many of the small jobs that need to be addressed throughout your property. We take great care in every aspect of your landscape.

Additional Services Include:

  • One-time clean-ups, spring or fall
  • Fountain or Entrance renovations
  • Annual color displays (seasonal)
  • Chemical service applications
  • Aeration
  • Rebarking and mulching
  • Regrading
  • Tree consultations and root grinding