Stunning Landscape
Sensible Water Bill

A well-designed, well-maintained and water-friendly landscape addresses issues that you care about. It costs less to maintain and consumes fewer resources. For those reasons, water conservation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of property management. Whether it starts with plant selection and a design that ensures the beauty of your property, or with an analysis of your current watering system, water-wise gardening is a smart choice.

Cost Effective and Resource Efficient

By choosing compatible plant alternatives that consume less water, older lawn or groundcover areas are converted to beautiful seasonally-flowing shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses that are drought tolerant and resistant to insects and disease.

Inefficient “overhead spray” irrigation is converted to efficient drip irrigation systems. Smart Irrigation Controllers (solar powered are available) apply water to current evapotranspiration (ET) rates in the precise volumes needed to keep plant material vibrant and healthy throughout the seasonal weather patterns. Surfaces covered with mulch, cobble, or bark need much less water. Decrease water run-off and the resulting damage to curbs, parking lots, and other surfaces.

Sustainable Landscape

Proactive irrigation planning and maintenance techniques will ensure a more beautiful, less thirsty landscape for years to come. Every water-saving method has its own benefit:

Native plants, trees and other climate-appropriate materials will reduce irrigation by as much as fifty percent.
Plantings grouped according to water dependence, cycling irrigation methods, and time-specific monitoring systems will improve saturation, reduce excessive run-off and promote long term growth.
Low-volume sprays, drip lines or bubblers deliver water directly to plant roots, eliminating water run-off, over-watering and evaporation.
Reduced surface run-off and deep drainage allow for better absorption of fertilizers and help avoid excessive weed infestation throughout the lawn and planting bed.